About Paul Willcott

Paul Willcott

Willcott is an award-winning newspaper columnist (retired) and blogger at www.geezerblockhead.com. He has published scholarship, magazine features, the Annals of Franklin Manor novellas, and a travel narrative/memoir, 12,000 Miles of Road Thoughts. Old Van, Old Man, Recovering Hippy, Dying Cat. The books are available digitally and in print wherever books are sold. He has been a regular contributor of commentaries and other material to North Country Public Radio. Some of them can be heard at the www.ncpr.org.

He has four degrees from the University of Texas, including a Ph.D. in applied linguistics and a law degree.

He has lived in Baghdad, Amman, London, Hong Kong, Zurich, Washington D.C., New York City,  for many years in a former monastery/tuberculosis sanatorium in the Adirondack Mountains, and elsewhere. He and his wife Ann Laemmle now reside in New York City.